I have developed several technical guides and reference sheets throughout my time in graduate school, mainly to remind myself how to do things. But I also believe in sharing resources with the community, and I enjoy teaching my skills to other academics, which is why I am publishing these guides for free online.


The guides are a work-in-progress. If you have any suggestions, please reach out to me.

Guide title

A brief description of the software and why I like it.

Stata is a powerful statistical software used for data management, data visualization, and statistical analysis. Stata is stable and powerful, ideal for conducting complex statistical calculation.

Zotero is a free reference management software. I like Zotero because it can automatically generate your bibliography, keeping track of references you use and might have removed from your paper. Zotero also have some useful features, such as collecting the highlighted text from the academic paper you are citing in an easy to access file. Other plugins exist to show you information, such as number of references.

A lot of people know about Excel. Many people, including some academics I’ve known, also dismiss Excel as “that boring spreadsheet software.” The thing about Excel is that it is a lot more powerful than a lot of people know. I especially enjoy how Microsoft have continued to innovate and update the software decades after first releasing the software. 

ArcGIS is a software used to visualize geographic data on maps. I like ArcGIS because it makes maps that look very professional, and some forms of network analyses can easily be done.